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How to Do an Advanced Muay Thai Kickboxing Strike Combo

Learn how to do an advanced kickboxing strike combination from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Male: Once you've mastered the basic punches, kicks, defends, blocks and stuff, you'll try to put combinations together with a partner. Sometimes using no less than two punches, no more than four punches. And at the end of the punch combination try to finish off with either a round house kick with a knee, with a push kick, sometimes you're going to finish off with the round house kick and the knee. So it all depends on the pad holder. The pad holder is going to be in control of you, whatever they ask for you have to deliver on the pads, OK?

So, with your partner, OK, hands up in your stance, OK, whatever the partner asks for. Jab, cross, OK, he holds for a kick. You come up with a kick, and come back down. Cross, and cross, OK, he comes up for a [?]teat, out, and then back down. Jab, cross again, up with a kick, making sure that when you come up with that kick you make it very quick. All right. and then we turn back to the middle. Hands up. Two jabs. Kick, finish and again, [?]feet, all right?

So try to mix up the combinations. At first take your time, pace yourself well. When you feel like you've got good energy the next round that you go try to pick the pace of the punches up, OK? So that you're quick, jab, cross, all right, and then when you get to the kick, try the kick with a little bit more steam and a little bit more power. If you start throwing the kicks with more power and the punches with more power and you find that you're getting a little sloppy, slow it down, take your time, go right back to the basics of nice and slow. Come up, and again when you feel you've got that going well, pick the pace up and then continue.

All right. And that was striking, advanced techniques.

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