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How to Do a Roundhouse Kick in Kickboxing

Learn how to do a roundhouse kick in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Next technique is the Roundhouse Kick. We're going to start off with the right leg. Now facing my partner in my fight stance and with my hands up, like we've done previously. So we're going to start with the right Roundhouse Kick. So what I need to do now is as I push off the back foot, I'm going to rise up onto the ball of my left, taking my heel off the ground. As I rise up also, I want my left leg to turn and have my toes turned out towards the left, and my right leg coming around and hitting the pad.

Now when I hit the pad, I want to hit with my shin, not my foot, so make sure that when you kick in the initial beginning that you take your time making sure that you hit with your shin and not your foot So when I come up now, I'm going to rise up, push off, rise up onto the left foot, kick, and then come back down, all right? I need to have my left hand at the side of my head to protect my head, and my right hand is just going to go out as a stop just in case your opponent decides to come in. So again, so I start from the middle, come up, kick, and then return back to the middle, all right?

Now the left Roundhouse exactly the same thing, but before we execute the Roundhouse, we need to quickly switch the stance, and then go through the whole rotation like we did with the right side, but we're going to rise up on the left, on the right foot, turn, and then kick with the left. All right, so we're going to switch, come up, kick, and then we want to come back down with the left leg in front. So take your time, do that for, you know, maybe two or three minutes, make sure you get your balance, understand your body turning, and then once you feel comfortable, you can speed it up where you're going to go quick, kick, and then back down. This time now right hand by the head, left hand is going to go out, and then you return back to the middle.

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