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How to Knee Strike in Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to knee strike in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


The muay thai knees now.

Again, we always start in our fight stance with the left leg forward, right leg behind, and good balance. I'm going to start off with the right knee. When I come up with the right knee I always try and push up so I rise up onto the ball of the foot. As I rise up the leg that I'm going to knee with, my right leg, I want to point my toes down, bend the knee back, and really sharpen up the point of the knee. Because the point is what's going to actually make the contact.

So, I rise up, knee, and then come back down. Now, our hands position. I can keep my hands up in the middle, or keep them close to the head, or keep my left hand to the side and basically cross my right hand over to my opponent's shoulder.

So, when I come up it's knee, and then back down. One more time making sure you point your toes down, bend the knee back, come in up, and then back down again.

When I strike with the left knee, just like the left roundhouse kick, I need to make the switch and then rise up. So, again, we switch, we're going to rise up on the right foot, hit with the knee, and then come back down with the left leg in front.

Some guys can fight in both positions. They can fight orthodox and southpaw. So they might come up, throw a left knee, and come back down in the southpaw position, then continue with another combination and then maybe return back to their original stance.

Again, for the right knee we want to rise up keeping the hands up, extending the right hand out, knee, come back down. The left one make the switch, come up with the knee, and then back down.

Go nice and slow. Take your time. Once you feel like you've got the balance then you can pick the pace up a little bit more.

And that was the muay thai knees.

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