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How to Catch a Kick in Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to catch a kick in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Catching the Muay Thai kick. Personally, myself, I don't like catching the kick. I'd rather block it than catch it. You know you're not going to take too many kicks into your ribs before you know one of them actually makes some kind of impact that hurts. Okay?

But if you have to catch, what we want to try and do, as the leg comes around, again you start in your stance. As the leg comes around, you want to try and, again, get you hand cupped over the person's opponent's leg. Okay? Lock the arm. And when you lock the arm, make sure that there is very minimum amounts of daylight between your armpit and his leg. That way, you have him locked. He can't pull his leg out. He can't do anything else. Once he's locked there, wherever you go he has to go, because you have control of him. Okay?

So my opponent chose a right kick. I start with my hands up. Now, one thing before we start off, as I see the kick coming I'm not going stand there and take the full impact of the kick. When I take that right kick, I want to step to my right side, taking some of the power away and really locking hold of the leg. As they kick, I want to lock. Okay? From this position here now, I want to put my hands up, because my hand is the last form of defense that I have. So once I'm out here, I need to either sweep the host leg out or push him off to the side, okay, and then attack from there.

On the left side. When I trap the leg I want to step to the right, okay, hooking the leg. So again. Up and lock the leg. Again, pointing the right hand down, pushing the leg off to the side. And then again, quick switch and then up for the kick. Okay?

And that's catching the Muay Thai kick.

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