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How to Check Leg Kicks in Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to check leg kicks in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Defending the roundhouse kick by using your legs to block the kicks as they come.

Again, fighting stance. If my opponent decides to throw a right roundhouse kick, when I block the kick, again keeping the hands up nice and high, I'm just going to pick the leg up keeping the knee and the foot locked at 90 degrees. That way when their shin makes contact with mine my leg doesn't flop back.

So, keep the knee and the leg locked at 90 degrees. Bring the knee up to the hand, and not the hand down to the knee because then you leave yourself open for a right hand or maybe a kick to the head.

Hands up high. Pick the knee up. Then come back down.

On the right side you want to bring the right leg from behind you almost up in front on a 45 degree angle, and then back down again.

So, up with the right, come back down, pick the left up, and down with the left.

Now, there's another drill I like to do sometimes just with the movement like we did in the beginning. We step forward two steps, pick the right leg up, block, come back down. Then we go back two steps, pick the left leg up, block, and then back again. Forward, up, back again. Up, OK, and you can do that for maybe three minutes. Get the feel of it, then proceed from there.

When my partner throws a left kick now. I'm going to block. He throws the kick. I pick it up. Now, we want to make contact shin to shin. Again, keeping my hands up. I block, then I come back down. On the left side he kicks with his right leg. I pick my left leg up, block, and then come back down.

When I pick the leg up to block I may have to pick it up to different heights. If they attack the thighs I pick it up to roughly around the thigh area. If they go for the midsection I pick it up there. And the head I take care of by keeping my hands up to block the kicks.

That was the blocking of the Muay Thai kicks.

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