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How to Defend against Knee Attack in Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to defend yourself against a knee attack in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Defense against the knees. Again, we have two ways we can defend the knees. Okay. If my opponent decides to throw a right knee, I'm going to be in my stance again. Hands up nice and high. If he decides to throw a right knee, what I want to do is as I see the right knee coming up, I'm going to extend my right hand, and I'm going to place my right hand, okay, hopefully in the middle of the chest. Now, sometimes it's a little bit hard with the gloves on, because they have that natural curve to the gloves. You want to try to open up the palms of the gloves. Okay.

And put your fist right in the middle of the chest. So as he comes up with a right knee, okay, hand in the middle of the chest. That puts him off balance. Gets me out of danger. When he does the left knee, again, I take my left hand this time, extend my left hand out. As he comes up with the knee, again, puts him off balance. Make sure the right hand stays up nice and high. Okay. If he decides to pull out the knee and come with a punch, you're fully covered with your hands up. Alright, the other way to defend the knee. If he comes up with his right knee, I'm going to take my left hand, and just like how I parried the push kick and stepped to the side, I'm going to push the knee off the side. Okay.

So he comes up, I step the knee to the side, and again, opens him up here for a punch. Okay. And I (?) up for a kick. On the other side, with the same step as before, I'm going to parry the right knee, sorry the left knee, step. Leaves him open. I can come up for the kick, or I can come up for the punch. Okay. And that was defending the knees.

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