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How to Defend against the Push Kick in Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to defend against the push kick in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Defending the push kick.

There's two, or maybe a little more, different ways of defending the push kick. The two that we're going to work on today, okay.

As my partner attacks with a right push kick I'm going to take my right hand, and from the fight position I'm going to just make a windmill motion and get my hand to go underneath his Achilles and his ankle. Once it gets under there I'm going to push him off to the side which forces his whole body to turn. And then I can attack once he's off balance from that position. Okay?

So when they come with the right push kick I'm going to come up, push him off to the side turning his whole body. Now, when I want to attack I can either come with a punch, or from this position here I can come up with a kick from that position. Okay?

With the left leg I'm going to use my left hand. Okay? Opposite way. Spin him off to the side. Again, his whole body is turned. From here now I need to make that switch as quick as I can. And then come up with the kick from there. Okay?

Alright, the other one. If he comes up with his right push kick I'm going to take my left hand and not my right hand, push him off to the side. Okay? Again, come up attack with the right kick or attack with the punch. Okay.

He comes up with the left leg. I take the right hand, palm him off. Okay. But the important part about this is when he attacks and I parry I'm going to take my right foot is going to go in front. Now I've switched my whole stance to southpaw which enables me to come up with the kick.

So when you speed it up it's going to be off to the side, one, and then up from there. Okay?

And that was defending the push kick either, you know, right hand right leg or left hand right leg.

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