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How to Defend against Punches in Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn how to defend against punches in kickboxing from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


Defending against the punches now. Okay? Now, one difference that you can't go wrong with is always keeping your hands up high. Okay? Now, once my opponent decides if he wants to throw a jab, and I don't want the jab to penetrate my guard, I'm going to try and parry the jab with my right hand.

Okay? The hand goes down. I can come over the top. I can punch from there. Or, once he's off balance here, I have a free kick here, or I can kick over there. If he comes with a right hand, again, parry with the left hand. Again, body turns. Leaves him open for a right kick, or the right punch.

When he throws the left hook, as he throws the left hook, I want to bring my arm, my right arm in close. Okay? Covering up the side. Okay? So the punch doesn't come through and hit the chin, and then they return back. Okay?

So a little drill you can do with your partner is they can throw across. One. Two. Okay? Again. One. Two. I'll throw a round or two, then they're going to add in the hook. So one, two, and then keep your hand up for the hook. Now, one more thing when they do the hook is, as you bring your arm in to block the hook, you want to extend your left hand out. Okay. Which is going to at times put him off of balance. That way you can go from a defensive move into an offensive move.

So again, jab cross hook. Jab, hook. Okay. I push him out. Now, I can always step in with a punch, or I can step in with a kick there. Okay? And that was defending the punches.

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