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6 Muay Thai Kickboxing Sparring Tips

Learn six kickboxing sparring tips from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this Howcast muay Thai training video.


Here are tips to help you with sparring.

One first rule of thumb is make sure when the round starts that you move in a very controlled way. A way that's safe to you, a way that's safe for your partner. Meaning that you're not going to go throwing punches and kicks, you know, like haymakers looking to knock the person out. You want to be safe. You want that person to come back. You want that person to spar with you again the next time you want to spar.

That being the first point, safety, okay, the other point, equipment. Make sure your equipment is good equipment. For gloves, stay away from 14-ounce gloves and anything below that to spar. Go preferably with 16 to 18-ounce gloves, maybe a little bit of headgear, and good shin guards.

The round starts, you're actually sparring, move in a controlled way. You can start the round by doing one for one, meaning you throw one combination, you partner gets a chance to block the combination, block the kick, then you come back with a combination. So, one for one, you can do that for three or four rounds. Get the feel of it.

Then do another three or four rounds of freestyle sparring where no one's taking turns. It's just who's the first man to the gun. When you're doing freestyle sparring, again, don't be throwing the kicks too heavy. And try to mix things up. Try and use your hands. Look for openings where you can throw kicks. Try and come in and practice the clinch.

This is the best time to practice everything where you can try and relax. Relaxing is one of the biggest things that people find very hard to do, in that moment of fear to actually relax, trust your skills, and trust yourself that you'll be okay. So, again, try and relax as much as you can and enjoy the sparring.

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