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8 Muay Thai Kickboxing Safety Tips

Learn eight muay Thai kickboxing safety tips from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this Howcast video.


Few tips, when you're going to start hitting the pads with your partner, go at a pace that is safe for you, safe for your partner, make sure your partner always has the pad in the right place to deliver the right kick or punch, knee, or push kick.

When you come to sparring, one thing, one rule of thumb, throw punches and kicks with some safety there because you injure your partner and you'll have no one else to work out with. So throw the kicks with some level of control. Don't go all out and completely switch off and then end up in a complete brawl.

Move at a pace nice and easy, you go back and forth, you know, one for one, one for one, and then when you actually go into a full round of free style sparring, make sure that you concentrate more on speed rather than delivering as much power as you can hitting the next person. You do that and you have no one else to spar with, apart from the heavy bag, and that doesn't become too interesting after a while.

So safety tips, good equipment as well, make sure you're decent with your sparring, heavy gloves, 16 ounce, 18 ounce, good chin guards, cup, and preferably head gear. That way no one gets cut, no head butts, no one gets cut, and then you'll be able to make it into the next session the next day.

So safety tips, be safe.

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