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How to Make Sushi Rice

Learn how to make seasoned sushi rice from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


I have here cooked rice. Six cups. If you have rice cooker, just use it. It's very easy. Just follow the directions that comes with it and then cook it. If you don't, you can cook it in a pot. It's very easy.

Same proportion rice and water. You have to wash the rice before you cook it. That water becomes very milky, color comes out. So you keep washing, washing, washing until water becomes almost clear. Once it gets clear, drain all the water. Then transfer to the pot. Then measure the water. If you have four cups, you need four cups of water. Start cooking with high heat. Once it starts to boil, turn the heat to low. Then wait 20 minutes and turn the heat to off. Then 10 minutes steaming. While you are cooking, keep the lid all the way. Once you put the lid on it, don't take it off. No peeking and no stirring what-so-ever. Just let it go.

No I have here, already cooked, six cups of rice. So I'm going to transfer to the hangiri. This is called hangiri. It's made with a natural wood. So any extra moisture is going to absorb to the wood. If you get burned part of it, just take it off.

Now I have here sushi vinegar which is rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. You cook it until salt and sugar is dissolved. You don't want to overcook it because once it's boiled then you lose the vinegar flavor. So you don't want to boil it, but you have to melt the sugar and the salt. Now I'm pouring the sushi vinegar into the rice. Then break it.

When you break the rice, try not to mush mash the rice. You want to keep the rice individual. When you turn, cut it. Turn and cut it. So that you don't mush or smash the rice. You can use plastic or metal, but the best way is a wooden spoon. If you don't have this kind of bowl, you can use a salad bowl. A big salad bowl. An unfinished wooden salad bowl. That's the best one. And if you don't have it, of course you can use a metal one.

But don't pick the bowl coming around it. That keep the steam inside it. This time, as you can see, you want to get all the steam out as quickly as possible to get shiny sushi rice. You’re going to go about three or four times around it. The best way is a second person while you fan it at the same time so all the steam is out as quickly as possible. Once it gets room temperature or body temperature, that's the best temperature, then cover with a damp towel. Now it's ready to use for sushi and that's how you make sushi rice.

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