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How to Make a Traditional Sushi Roll

Learn how to make a traditional sushi roll from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


Now I'm going to show you how to make a traditional roll. Traditional roll, the seaweed is outside. So I have done that, and the seaweed, half seaweed, and the left side up, with your hand and spread rice.

So the difference between inside and out, and a traditional seaweed outside, is you don't spread the rice over the corners. You leave that, no rice zone on the top. About quarter to half an inch. And the rest of it, you have to fill it out with the rice. And make sure you don't overfill with rice. If it's too thick, you cannot roll. Okay.

Now I have no rice zone on the top and the rest of it, you have rice. I have tuna. When you make a traditional roll, you can make many different kind of roll. However, traditional roll, you don't mix up many different fish up together. In other words, you don't mix it up tuna, and a salmon, and a yellowtail together. Never have them. If it's tuna, just tuna. If it's cucumber, just cucumber. And a little bit of sesame seed. You don't do mixing up. Like here, with the fusion, it's all mixed up. Traditional, you don't see it. Okay.

Now I can do, little bit, sessile leaf. It tastes, like between, basil and the mint, here in the USA. But it's very, very refreshing and fragrant. I just took the center, the hard part of the stem, and I cut in half, lengths wise, and put it in here.

So now, pick up, and the end of the seaweed goes into the rice. Pick up, roll and shape. I'm going to show you how to slice. Same way, cut it in half first. You can cut it in eight pieces, or, you can cut it in six pieces. Since because it's small you can cut it into six pieces also. But, I like it in eight pieces, so I cut it in eight.

This is a classic example of how you make traditional sushi roll.

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