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How to Make a Spicy Tuna Roll

Learn how to make a spicy tuna roll from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you to make a spicy tuna roll. I have here a bamboo mat wrapped in a salmon wraps and sushi norii. And I'm going to wet my hand first. Nobushi is a sushi rice. We already cooked and seasoned then cooled. We're going to put in there one seaweed and then spread onto seaweed. You want to cover seaweed with rice all over. No peeking. And then you don't want to be too thick layer with the rice. Kind of one layer with the rice. And then you want to be even. Spread evenly. And then many times, what people do is just cover the seaweed with rice on the center part of it. Just the center, and that's not going to work. You want to cover with the side, top, and the bottom also.

Then here I have sesame seed. Just sprinkle. This is going to be inside the roll so I'm going to flip over. Now, I have tuna. So, you're going to fill the tuna in the center of the seaweed about half inch square and then all the way, end-to-end. Now, if we want to put the spicy sauce here you can put it now. But I don't do too much inside because when you roll, it's going to get like oozy out. So, just a little bit here and now I'm going to roll.

Pick up your bamboo with your thumb and then with the other fingers fold ingredients and then get the width coming in here. And then make it tighter. Pick up. Roll and then shape. So that's your sushi roll. I'm trying to make this shape of the roll kind of square. Depends on how you want it to be. Some chef want to be like a little round on the top, and then square on the side. It's up to you. Only thing that you don't want to do is flat sushi. So now I'm going to cut the roll with the knife with damp towels. And I'm going to cut the roll in half first. Hold the roll on the side with your hand and then let the knife go and cut it quickly. And if you get the little gooey stuff, you want to clean that up otherwise it's going to get sticky. And then coming here. And then cutting half again. Cut the half again. And the cut the half again. So here I have... great. What else you can do is, you can add more spicy sauce on the top. That's how you make you a spicy tuna roll.

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