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How to Make a Rainbow Roll

Learn how to make a rainbow roll from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you how to make Rainbow Roll. It's very simple, looks beautiful, and very complicated, but it's very simple. First you are going to make a California Roll and then you put the raw fish on the top and that is going to be the Rainbow Roll.

You can put any kind of fish you want but for the colorwise because it's rainbow. You need red, which is tuna, pink for the salmon, and a little kind of whitish color for the yellowtail, and avocado for the green. I already cut the other fish, tuna and yellowtail but I am going to show you how to slice salmon. You have nice, three thin slice. I have seaweed here, half seaweed, wrap side up. And with my hand take the rice, sushi rice, and spread.

The rice temperature should be body temperature, so it is not cold but it's not hot either. Now, I am going to flip over, then cupcake, avocado. The avocado or any ingredient, you don't want it to be too thick. l Because if it is too thick it cannot close. So starting a little thinner than you think, it's easier for you to roll. And once you know exactly how much you can put inside then you can go for it.

Now I am going to lift up the bamboo with my thumb and hold it. Then put everything inside, pick up, roll. When you see me or any chef doing the roll, seems like they are pressing hard but it's not hard, it's just making them tighter. So many people make mistake they are doing that. That means you get flat sushi, you don't want to make flat sushi. I'm just making the shape to square, that's what I am doing.

So this is a regular California Roll but now we are going to have a little rainbow going. Add a little tuna, a little thin avacado, avacado should be a little thinner. I do a little angle so it's not straight up but at an angle. So again, the bamboo mat goes over just lightly presses. Now you have Rainbow Roll.

Now I am going to show you how to slice. In order to cut it you need salmon wraps. It makes it easier for you to cut it so it doesn't fall apart. Get it wet, cut it in half first. Then cut it in half. Now we just peel. Usually I cut it into eighths. If it's a thin roll I can cut it into sixths, but a big piece like this I suggest you cut it into eighths. Otherwise you get huge roll holes you can't even bite into it. So this is how you make Rainbow Roll.

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