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How to Make a Salmon Roll

Learn how to make a salmon roll from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you how to make salmon roll traditional way.

So this is the half sheet of seaweed and I have bamboo mat wrapped in the Saran wraps, wrap side up and placed in front of you. With your hand, take sushi rice and you spread rice on the seaweed. Make sure you have no rice zone on the top about one quarter to half inch.

Now I have rice is ready for the salmon. Here. I'm going to cut the salmon about half rectangular shape and then make sure you cover edge to edge. Some people do only the center and that means when you slice it, you get nothing on that last piece. You don't want to have that so make sure you have edge to edge. You want to kind of overlap each other so there's no space in between. Make sure you have filled with the ingredient so that any time you slice, you have nice full size of the fish at the same time as the rice.

Now I'm picking up the bamboo wrap with my thumb, with the other forefinger, hold the ingredients and the end of the seaweed goes the end of the rice. Tuck in. When you roll the sushi, you don't want to put to much pressure in it but right now, my stage is just make it tighter so that it's not too much air getting inside.

So now I'm picking up the end of the bamboo and the role and that's your salmon regular roll. So I'm going to show you how to slice. I wet my knife a little bit so that it doesn't stick to the rice. I cut it in half first. I'm going to show you how to slice in a little fancy way and I cut the end, angle.

So that's your salmon roll, traditional way.

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