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How to Make Yellowtail Sushi

Learn how to make yellowtail sushi from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you how to make eel tail scallion roll traditional way.

I have seaweed here. I'm going to cut it in half. I use the Japanese fish knife. So one side comes straight and only this side comes in. It has to be very, very sharp when you're making sushi. Otherwise you're not going to cut nicely. Also I suggest you get the thinner blade. If it's too thick, like for cutting root vegetable, it's going to ruin your sushi because it's very delicate and you need a nice sharp thin blade like this.

I have rough side up on the bamboo mat. With your hand, spread the rice on the seaweed. Make sure you have a no rice zone on the top, about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch. The best sushi rice temperature to make sushi is body temperature. So it's not cold, but it's not hot either. The eel tail. The scallion. We use the scallion green part and the white part both. Thinly sliced.

So I'm going to put the scallion on first. I'm putting the scallion on the center of the rice. Every time you put the ingredients on the sushi mat, you want to put the ingredients in the center of the rice. You don't want to put them over there in the front. You don't want to put them spread all over. You just want to put it in the center.

Now I'm going to put the eel tail. Make sure it's nice and evenly spread.

Pick up your bamboo with your thumb with other four fingers holding the ingredients. The end of the seaweed go to end with the rice. Tighten up towards you. So that makes it tighter. Pick up. Roll into shape.

Now I'll show you how to slice the roll. Cut in half first. I am going to trim up the sides so that will make it neater. Or you can serve it as it is. The thin rolls you have to cut in one bite size. So when I eat the thin roll, I want to cut it into eight that way I can eat it in one bite. The thick is sometimes too big for me to eat it so I usually cut it into eight.

You can put the scallions in any other rolls, but this is a very traditional eel tail scallion rolls.

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