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How to Make an Avocado Roll

Learn how to make an avocado roll from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you how to make avocado roll.

Of course avocado is not the traditional ingredients, but we love it, so I'm going to show you how to make a simple avocado roll. I'm going to use half sheet of sushi nori, and rough side up, with my hand. Since avocado is a kind of fusion ingredients, so I'm going to show you inside out. Which is, rice is outside and the seaweed is inside. So, I'm spreading the rice on the seaweed, each corner and each edge. Once the rice has started sticking to your hand you need to clean you had otherwise you're going to get a snowball on your hand. So, now, each corner, each edge has covered with rice. Now I'm going sprinkle the sesame seeds and then flip over.

You're going to pick the avocado that is softer, you don't want to pick too hard because the softer is, like, melt in your mouth, that's the more flavorful and the texture comes in. If it's too soft or too brown, sometimes when you cut it, it gets brownish, don't use it, that's bad. So, take off with a spoon and use the good part of it, the green part of it.

I put the avocado right here, there's 4 pieces, and each piece, kind of, overlaps it so that each slice, when you cut the rolls has nice thickness to it and there's no gap in between and there's no avocado. That's kind of sad when you look at it and when you eat it, there's no avocado in the avocado roll so make sure you have enough avocado in each piece.

Now, I'm picking up the end of the seaweed and then go around it, and then make it a little tighter. Pick up and put it down, bamboo in the roll and then shape. You're going need the end of the seaweed go over the ingredients, not the ?? to the end of the other seaweed. If you go like this one, you're not going to have any margin to hold onto each other so you're going to come a little bit inside, then seal it. So, that's the idea. So I put the edge on the side, so, tap in, tap in, tap in, and tap in, tap in, tap in, so nice edge, you get it? And that's your avocado roll so I'm going to cut it now. Cut it in half, ?? together so that each one has the same size. This is how you make avocado rolls.

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