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How to Make a Dragon Roll aka a Caterpillar Roll

Learn how to make a dragon roll, aka a caterpillar roll, from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


Now I am going to make dragon roll. Dragon roll is usually they put the shrimp tempura inside and some cucumber or avocado inside and they make an inside out roll. Then on the top they put a slice of the avocado and that looks like dragon. Alright, I have half sheet of nori. I wet my hand and spread the rice on the sea weed, make sure you cover each corner and each edge over the nori. OK. Flip over. Shrimp. So, make sure your tail is outside over the edge so that when you roll and cut it, you see the tail. Now I am going to pick up the bamboo and over the sea weeds and goes with the ingredients. Shove everything inside and then roll. OK. Now after you roll the shrimp and cucumber roll and you put the slice of the avocado on the top and spread it and that looks like the scale of the dragon. Now use your bamboo matt, lightly press down so that it sticks to the roll and that is your dragon roll. Now we are ready to cut the dragon rolls. In order to cut the dragon rolls you need little salmon wraps to protect the avocado from sliding down, Slice in half. Now I have Yeu sauce here. And a drizzle here, a little bit. Yeu sauce is sweet soya sauce, we cooked with sugar, [..] and soya sauce. Nice and thick consistency. That is beautiful. So, the dragon, it is not going to be straight, it is kind of wavy shape. So, I am going to try to do that kind of wavy shape. So, you see that this is the head, this is the tail. So, that is the dragon. So that is how you make dragon rolls.

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