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How to Make Tamagoyaki

Learn how to make tamagoyaki, aka dashimaki, a Japanese omelette popular in bento boxes, from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


I'm going to show you how to make Tamagoyaki. Tamagoyaki is really different than the French style omelet because it's using, we're using the square omelet pan instead of that round one. That's why we get rectangular shape and we're going to keep rolling, rolling, rolling on instead of just pour one at once.

We're going to need four eggs. And then I'm going to break the eggs. When you're breaking the egg or mixing the eggs together try not to get the bubbles inside. In other words, don't whisk it. You want to break the egg white but you don't want to put the air inside.

Okay. Now, I'm going to strain the egg mixture. I'm straining because you get the egg membranes and sometimes the egg white, like white stuff, in attached to the egg. It's just gets the very just silky even texture if you do that. And if you have any egg shells you can eliminate it also. So using all the egg membranes and then this white stuff here. It's nothing wrong with it, but when you cook it you will see the white blobs or yellow things like uneven color. That's not what we're looking for. We looking for very, very even pale, beautiful yellow color. And, I have sake. I have mirin and I have dashi. Dashi is Japanese soup stock.

Okay. Now it's ready to cook. I have spray oil. Don't ever spray like this, it's going to flame up to your hair. You're going to lose your hair so don't do that. Take off, spray. That's it. So first I'm going to put a little bit in there. You get bubble, break up.

So if once it's halfway cooked, roll. So this is the center of the roll. I'm adjusting the heat to low so you don't get too dark. Another layer. And then lift up. Lift up so that egg wash goes underneath of the first layer to attach the first roll. And, again, halfway cook and then roll. If you cook all the way to roll it doesn't stick to each other. So you have to do halfway. And then push it back again. Do another layer. When you roll, I kind of flip it. I kind of stick to it and then roll. And then roll. Like you need a motion. Flip it on the side to make a nice rectangle shape and the height you're looking for is the height of the pan.

So this is the finished product. I'm going to show you how to cut it. It's interesting thing is when you slice it because we didn't roll so you can see the swirl kind of. And the when you order sushi, Tamago, this is how they do it. They just slice it and the rice on the bottom and then the egg on the top and then wrap it with the seaweed. Or, you can put it in the roll. When you do that you just need a little strip, like this, into the roll and then you make a roll.

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