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How to Make a Cone-Shaped Hand-Wrapped Sushi Roll

Learn how to make a cone-shaped, hand-wrapped sushi roll from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


Now I am going to show you how to make a cone shape hand roll. I have eel and cucumber; I am going to show you how to slice eel. The eel comes already fileted and barbecued with sauce. You can buy fresh eel but it is not easy to treat it yourself, so I suggest you buy it already prepared. You can buy it in the frozen section and it comes like this.

Even the sushi restaurants buy it like this so do not feel cheated because everybody does it. In Japan we do not buy fresh eel. There is a special person who only gets eel all day long and makes it. So that is how difficult it is to treat eel. I just want to slice it.

The only things you have to know about eel; when eel is cold the meat and the skin are very hard, so you have to heat it up in the oven. I think sometimes you notice when you order an eel dish in sushi restaurants the chef just slices it and puts it in the toaster oven behind him and then they serve it to you a little warm. That is why, because otherwise the skin is too hard.

Now the seaweed; we are going to use a half sheet of seaweed. I will wet my hand. I am going to use a little bit of rice and at an angle, a 45 degree angle, with my finger I will put a little indentation so the ingredients sit nicely on the rice. Like that, then eel. Let us say we heat it up, the eel, two of them. The corner comes up and then comes in, like that. Now you close it, a little rice and that is the glue.

That is how you make a cone shape hand roll.

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