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What Tools Do You Need to Make Sushi?

Learn what tools you need in order to make homemade sushi from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


So when you make sushi, you need a bamboo mat, obviously.

The bamboo mat, nowadays you can get them American supermarket in the fish department. They sell for like $2. So, it's so easy to get it anywhere. And the knife, make sure you have a sharp knife otherwise you can't cut the sushi. You don't have to have a sushi knife or a fish knife. You just need a sharp knife. So whatever you have, you just sharpen the knife and that's you have. If you're not comfortable using the knife to make the julienne, you can definitely use a mandolin to julienne the vegetable, like a cucumber or any other vegetables. And also, you need a bowl with water. Otherwise, your hand will get stuck with rice all over.

So you need a clean bowl with water. So, it's not expensive to make. But you have to have good Japanese short grain rice. You can't substitute for the long grain rice or Chinese rice or Italian rice. You can't make it. You have to have Japanese short grain rice. So these are the tools you need to make delicious sushi in your home.

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