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What Sushi Ingredients Should You Have on Hand?

Learn what ingredients you need to have on hand to make sushi from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


To make sushi at home is easy, once you know, it's easy.

First of all, you have to have Japanese short grain rice to make sushi, you can't substitute anything else, so you must have it. There's a variety of the Japanese short grain rice, most of them is very good, but the only things I don't like Nishiki. Nishiki is most easy to get in supermarket, in American supermarket, but that's the rice I don't really like it. So, you can get any other brand like Karachi, Tamekimi, or Actacomachi, all those things are fine but not Nishiki, I don't recommend. And some stores sell like 5 years old, 6 years old, it's fine it just gets drier so you have to make sure it's this new crop or not, if it's a new crop, more moisture is inside so you don't need much water to cook with it. But if its older rice then you need more water to cook it, so you soak in the water, make sure that the rice is taking all the moisture inside before you cook it and then you'll be fine. Also, season the rice for the sushi rice you have to have the rice vinegar, a little bit of sugar and salt to season the sushi vinegar.

Then you mix it together, then you need to have seaweed, which is sushi nori and for the seaweed, don't be cheap on the seaweed, if you get cheaper seaweed, it tends to be thick and chewy, so you don't want have chewy sushi when you bite into it, you have to [grunts] to bite into it, that's not what you are looking for. Sushi seaweed is supposed to be crunchy so make sure that you get the best quality sushi nori. For the seaweed, of course, freshest seaweed is the best and once you use it and you have left overs, you seal it with masking tape then put it in the refrigerator and then you keep it nice and fresh.

Then you should have all the ingredients, your favorite ingredients, tuna, salmon, eel, yellowtail, whatever you like. And also the vegetables, don't forget the vegetables, there's several, sushi is also the traditional style, sushi is not about raw fish, sushi is about the seasoned rice. The ingredients, you can get whatever you like, you don't have to make like a sushi restaurant, if you can find fluke in the local store, you just get the fluke, if you get the tuna at local store, you get the tuna and then all other vegetables you can mix and match. Asparagus, you can use, cucumber you can get anywhere, mushrooms or any kind of vegetable and then raw fish.

And make sure the raw fish is sushi quality raw fish and you find, so those all the ingredients you need to have to make really good delicious sushi at home.

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