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How Is Ginger Used in Sushi?

Learn about how ginger is used in sushi making from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


So for the ginger, the pickled ginger is not the same as the ginger you can buy in a supermarket. Those supermarket ginger is a much older ginger, the one we make for the pickled ginger is a very young ginger. So the outer skin is very, very soft, and the inside is not fibery at all. So once you get the first ginger, you slice it very, very thin. And then mix it with the vinegar, and the sugar, and a little bit salt. And between the roots and the stem there's a red part of it. And you cut it, and you put it into the ginger, and you marinate it with it. That makes pinkish colors. If you don't put that part of it, the ginger is more like a pale, like a beige color. But if you put that one in the ginger, then it makes it little bit pinker.

Of course, commercial ginger, pickled ginger, is of course, they put the color in. Food coloring. So if you use a very, very pinkish color, that's food coloring. Unfortunately.

It's not easy to find fresh ginger in this country. I haven't seen it much. So that's why you don't make it here. You don't see anybody making it here. But you can make it. In my country of course, people make it. And then if you find a very fresh, young ginger, so try it. It's very, very tasty. And then you can keep it in the refrigerator a while.

So when you eat the ginger in between, just clear the palette. So don't over eat it. Ginger is a very strong flavor. So if you over eat it, you kill the palettes. And the next thing is you eat it, and then you don't taste anything but ginger flavor. So you don't want to kill your palettes. But you're just trying to clear your mouth with ginger, to get it kind of fresh. That's all that you need. So don't ever try to put the ginger on top of the sushi and eat it. That's the worst way to eat the sushi.

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