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How to Use Chopsticks

Learn how to use chopsticks to eat sushi and other dishes from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


So, this is the chop sticks and the pointing part and the thick part. So, when you hold it the bottom chop sticks stays on the ring finger and the thumb. So, this one doesn't move, it stays there and with the other three fingers thumb, index and the middle finger you hold the top part of the chop sticks and this one moves. That is how you are going to do it. I see many people do, here, putting the here and they somehow do this. I don't know how they do it but they do it very good. But this is not the way you want to hold it. OK. So, it is supposed to be here and here. And I see another thing I see like this, this is like children. So, try not to do this way, do more at the end.
So, chop sticks is very very useful tool. I cook with chop stick all the time. I can pick up tiny tiny bit of, small piece of peas to big pieces of the vegetables. I can do many things with chop sticks. So, they are very very useful tool for me. So, for the Sushi you can use hand, finger to eat sushi because sushi was started as a street food, it is like a vendor in New York city. So it is OK to use the finger and hand but if you don't want to use it then you can use the chop sticks.
There are chop sticks etiquettes for eating. This is for the eating tool. So, you don't want to say your friends coming to the restaurant "Oh, hey. how are you?" I am here come over. You definitely don't want to use that and you don't want to pick up your food and then pass to somebody to chop stick, chop stick in the air. Definitely, you don't want to do that. Pick it up and put it in the plate so that the other person can take it from the plate. Never chop stick to chop sticks. That is very bad manners. You don't want to suck it. I see many people like sucking, sucking, sucking and then talking, talking, talking. That is a very manner also. You don't want to like stab it and it eat it. That is not good. Eat it like this is children holding the chop stick, you want to pick it up and eat it. That's chop sticks.
When you share the plate with other people we keep it on the other side to take from the shared plate to your plate and then give us back and keep it to this side of yours. So that we avoid double dipping. So it is a good manner to know, it is not in the book or anything at all but that is what we know from my mother, might be your parents, you know that is the basic ones we know.

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