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What Is Sushi Etiquette?

Learn sushi etiquette from sushi chef Mamie Nishide in this Howcast food video.


The best way to eat sushi at the restaurant is, of course, at the counter so that you order, they can make it and they serve it right away. You don't want to order a whole meal at once and then wait for him to make everything and then bring it to your table. Because by the time seaweed gets soggy, the fish gets drier, that's not what you are looking for. You sit at the counter, you place your order like one by one, kind of, or two by two or three each.

So starting with sashimi, and change it to sushi and probably fast things. Say, 'I want fruit,' he makes the fruit, you eat it. 'Oh I want next one,' it is aji, and he makes it and he places it on the table and eat it. So that way the rice temperature, the fish it's fresh and not dried out and the seaweed is nice and crispy and you enjoy it as it goes. That's the best way to eat the sushi.

People think that because it's a counter they can be very, very casual and sloppy and make a mess it's okay. That's not what it is about the sushi restaurant. It's still a restaurant. It's still a public place. Don't be like sloppy, you can put dirty things on the floor. It's okay. If you go to any restaurant or any place, that's not proper manners either so just don't copy that kind of bad manner in a sushi restaurant or anywhere else.

If you have a big group you have to sit at a table. Then that way maybe you do a few sushis first, then place another sushi again and then maybe another one so that way it's always keep fresh. If you place whole things, and then by the time you get to the end of the fish it's like dried out. It's not fun anymore.

And then also, when you eat the sushi don't make wasabi soup. Take the whole block of the wasabi and put it in the soy sauce, and then mix it, mix it, and then you pick up the sushi and it's swimming, swimming and then you eat it. That's not the way you want to eat the sushi. You just want to tip tap the soy sauce. That is all you want to eat.

And those are the sushi etiquette when you go to the sushi restaurant.

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