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How to Make Sushi with Mamie Nishide

Learn about chef Mamie Nishide, one of Howcast's sushi experts, in this video.


Hi my name is Naomi Nishi there. I was born and grown up in Japan. I came to this country after high school to go to university. So I did. I was studying mathematics and I really liked it and after the graduation from college I was working in a bank. Maths and science that is in my head, but at the same time I was so craving for the good Japanese food and at that time I couldn't find any good Japanese food. Like tofu: You buy it, it tastes like nothing. I started making my own tofu from the bind of dry bean, soya bean and then grind it myself and then made the tofu and I ate it. It was so much better: nutty and sweet and it tasted so good. And I started like obsessed making everything from scratch, then my friend said, "Oh, you're Japanese. Do you cook Japanese food?" And then she said "I love Japanese food, but I don't know how to make it. Can you teach me?" So, I said "Yes, sure. I can teach you." And then she called other friends and then I started teaching more and more and I really liked it, cooking and also the teaching part of it. So, I went back to culinary school and at the same time as I was training at a French restaurant, (?) and other restaurant, high end restaurant in New York city and then I started working in a restaurant in Hamptons and I was hired as a kitchen chef and I really really liked it. Then I switched over to the pastries because the pastry chef left. So I started baking the cakes and cookies, and the pies, and the muffins, and the chocolates and now I have a Japanese cooking studio which is where I teach cooking and catering at the same time as I have a sweets company. It's called Gotta Eat Sweets. We make truffle brownies called Truffipops. We have over 20 flavors. It is very elegant and very beautiful. We were featured on a bride's magazine in April. Somehow people found me and they interviewed me for the Chopped, for the food network. I went there and they saw my picture of the food and they said "Oh, you do the sweets also," and then they sent me to the Sweet Genius interview. And then they interviewed me, and I said "OK, sure, sure, sure." And then all of a sudden I got this call: "OK you are going to be on the TV." So I went to the competition. I became the finalist of the Sweet Genius. I do private cooking classes. You and your friend get together and you call me and book me and I go to your place and we do cooking party. I will show you how to make the full course dinner or you just want to do the sushi, that's fine. You know, you tell me what you want to do, and I will teach you how to make and we will drink Sake and make sushi and we eat it. It is so much fun. My website is and my sweets company is And if you want to have a cooking party call me or email me or mail me at

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