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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Part 2: Prison (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 of this F.E.A.R. 3 walkthrough and beat "Interval 01 - Prison" with this online demo.


Paxton: Take care with your flashlight. It will give you away.

Soldier: Patrols, don't go wandering off in here. Report in! We got...

Soldier: We've got a hostile target. Contact right!

Soldier: Lay down covering fire! Drop!

Soldier: Behind the crate!

Soldier: Enemy spotted. Below us!

Soldier: Did you see that shit?

Soldier: Closing. Shit!

Soldier: Get back!

Soldier: Down! Now!

Soldier: Enemy spotted! Below us! Tossing a grenade!

Soldier: Behind the crate! Get to cover!

Soldier: He's upstairs!

Soldier: Shit!

Soldier: Son of a...

Soldier: Can you see him?

Soldier: Fuck!

Soldier: Take the point!

Soldier: Squad up!

Soldier: Shit!

Soldier: He's dead. Shit!

Soldier: I'm hit! Fuck! Don't come any closer! God...

Soldier: There, behind the glass! We've got a hostile target!

Soldier: Grenade out!

Soldier: I'm hit!

Soldier: Get him!

Soldier: Fuck! It's everywhere! Shit! Shit! My whole fucking squad is wiped out! I'm hit!

Announcer: Attention all stations: High value experiment is escaping. Subject tracking toward mess hall. Move to intercept.

Soldier: By the door!

Soldier: Move out! Target acquired! Man down! My whole fucking squad is wiped out!

Soldier: Where'd he go? He wiped...

Yankee 41: Command, this is Yankee Four One, holding position in mess hall. If he comes through here, we'll tag him.

Soldier: Shit!

Soldier: What was that?

Soldier: Enemy sighted.

Soldier: Son of a bitch! Pull the plug.

Soldier: 12 o'clock! He's dead! Shit!

Soldier: Walk this way!

Soldier: Yes, sir!

Soldier: Get your fucking [inaudible 00:05:45] now!

Soldier: Son of a bitch! I've been hit!

Soldier: I'm alone here! Son of a bitch! I need some...

Soldier: Check it! I'm hit!

Soldier: Fuck! Check it! I'm hit, fuck!

Soldier: Behind the counter!

Soldier: Cover me!

Walkie Soldier: Target's headed upstairs! Don't let him through!

Soldier: Everyone, hide!

Soldier: Man down!

Soldier: He's up top!

Soldier: I'm hit!

Soldier: Don't come any closer!

Soldier: Hide, left.

Solider: Over there!

Soldier: Do you see him?

Soldier: Shit!

Soldier: Got another one down!

Soldier: Shit!

Soldier: Son of a bitch!

Soldier: Shit! Fuck!

Soldier: I've got a big one!

Soldier: Run for cover!

Soldier: Shit!

Soldier: Stay back!

Soldier: Need support, ASAP!

Walkie Soldier 2: Delta Three Two, we lost sight of target. Tracking towards Cell Block Charlie.

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