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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Part 31 Port (4 of 8)

Check out part 5 of this F.E.A.R. 3 walkthrough and beat "Interval 07 - Port" with this online demo.


Man: This is Chopper Zulu Eight One. I can't see shit. Anyone have eyes on that target down there?

Soldier 1: Copy! We got eyes on him!

Soldier 2: Suppressive fire.

Shoot him.

Soldier 3: Tossing grenade.

Soldier 4: Shit! Get down! It's him.

Lost the target.

Take cover.

Soldier 5: Above you.

Soldier 6: We've got a man down.

I've got visual. Dang it.

Soldier 7: Enemy sighted. Above you.

Soldier 8: Need support ASAP.

Commander: This is your Phase Commander. I want that biological freak disposed of now.

Soldier 9: There's somebody here. Keep sharp.

Soldier 10: Copy that, sir. I've got snipers in position!

Soldier 9: Spotted. Check it.

Soldier 11: All clear.

Soldier 9: He's dead. Shit.

Soldier 11: My whole fucking squad is wiped out.

Get out here!

Got you! Fuck you!

Shit! Don't come any closer!

What? Bring it.

Soldier 12: Get down.

Son of a bitch.

Soldier 13: Man down.

In position.

I'm in position.

[inaudible 00:03:40] the kiosk. It's him.

Take cover.

Soldier 14: Target acquired.

Soldier 15: Let's go, let's go. Move it.

Soldier 13: Come on. I've got a visual.

Soldier 14: Are you kidding me?

Soldier 15: Stay back.

Soldier 13: Advancing.

Soldier 15: Shit.

Soldier 16: Get down.

Stand out here. I got you now.

Jin: Come on, let's get going.

Man: Commander! Chopper Zulu Eight One en route, but I can barely hold on to her!

Commander: Your orders stand, pilot.

Man: Aye, sir.

I'm hit! Zulu Eight One is hit! I've got to bug out!

Commander: Negative. Eliminate the target.

Man: Yes, sir.

Jin: I'll try to stay in contact as long as I can. Just get to Becket. It's the only way we have any hope of stopping this.

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