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F.E.A.R. 3 Walkthrough Part 37 Ward (2 of 3)

Check out part 2 of this F.E.A.R. 3 walkthrough and beat "Interval 08 - Ward" with this online demo.


Paxton: He is here. We must destroy the terrible memories of this place and of him. We can erase these memories, brother. We must destroy what remains of them.

Dr. Wade: Again! Move faster!

Paxton: It was here that he pushed us to our limits.

Dr. Wade: Show me you're special! Like your cellmate! Show me you have some worth! He is a failure. Not like the second.

Scientist 1: Definitely not like the second one.

Woman: Dr. Wade is wrong.

Scientist 1: You can't contradict him.

Woman: Dr. Wade can't get through to him.

Dr. Wade: The second one is stronger. The first prototype is just a waste.

Paxton: Here he toyed with us. We were nothing but experiments to him.

Dr. Wade: Focus! Concentrate! You are stronger than this! Show me how special you are!

Scientist 1: The second prototype is stronger.

Scientist 2: He is the favorite.

Woman: What about the first prototype?

Scientist 1: He'll remove the first one. It is worthless.

Scientist 2: The second one is his favorite.

Scientist 1: Yes, he will remove the weak one.

Woman: But what will happen to him?

Dr. Wade: You are stronger than this. You can destroy on the molecular level. I know you can! Don't disappoint me! Don't be like him! I want to see you do it!

Paxton: This is the room that made me a killer.

Dr. Wade: Yes! Focus! That's much better. Better than I hoped. You are stronger than this! You can destroy on the molecular level.

Scientist 3: He killed the guard.

Scientist 4: He's more powerful than we thought.

Woman: He's dangerous.

Dr. Wade: He is a success.

Woman: He's insane.

Dr. Wade: He will be the perfect psychic commander.

Woman: What about Alma? What if she finds him?

Paxton: Without me, you are nothing! Keep going! He cannot break us!

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