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F.E.A.R. 3 Fettel Walkthrough Part 11: Slums (3 of 6)

Check out part 4 of this F.E.A.R. 3 Fettel walkthrough and beat "Interval 02 - Slums" with this online demo.


Man: A helicopter will likely be the only way to escape.

Radio 1: He's going inside!

Soldier 2: I'm hit!

Soldier 3: Eat hell!

Helicopter: Chopper Echo Two Four at the O Zed. Reinforcements coming down.

Radio 1: Christ, who the fuck is this guy?

Radio 2: Hotel Two One, that isn't your concern. Cut the chatter.

Enemy 1: Keep up the fire!

Radio: Shit! Get your heads down.

Soldier 4: Take cover target . . .

Soldier 2: Target acquired.

Soldier 3: Go, go, go!

Soldier 2: Get down!

Enemy 2: Son of a bitch!

Soldier 2: Need suppressing fire. Hiding's not going to help you! I got you now.

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