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F.E.A.R. 3 Fettel Walkthrough Part 23: Suburbs (5 of 6)

Check out part 24 of this F.E.A.R. 3 Fettel walkthrough and beat "Interval 04 - Suburbs" with this online demo.


Soldier 1: What's that?

I'm hit!

Soldier 2: Get your fucking heads down!

Let's go, Let's go! Move it!

Soldier 3: Advancing!

Soldier 4: I'm hit! Affirmative!

Everybody down!

Soldier 5: Shit!

Soldier 6: I'm hit!

Soldier 7: Man down!

Cover me!

Soldier 8: Shit!

Soldier 9: Everyone hide!

Target is well.


Soldier 10: Come on! Let's move!

Behind the crate!

Taking point!

Soldier 11: Dropping grenade!

Soldier 12: Behind the crate!

Soldier 13: I'm hit!

Harlan Wade: I was to leave a legacy of gods.

Instead it will be a legacy of monsters.

Paxton Fettel: Go away!

Soldier 14: Enemy spotted!

Soldier 15: Nice shot! Eyes front!

Running out of shooters.

Give me some cover fire!

Soldier 14: Behind the crate!

Flush him out!

Soldier 16: Cover me!

Soldier 14: Behind the crate!

Soldier 16: This way!

Got a visual. Give me some cover fire.

Soldier 17: Covering fire.

I'm hit!

Soldier 16: Get back!

Behind the crate!

Son of a bitch!

Soldier 18: Give me some cover fire!

Soldier 19: Behind the crate!

Soldier 18: I'm hit! Need support in here now!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Soldier 19: Frag out!

Soldier 20: This way!

Somebody put him down!


Cover me!

Soldier 19: Yes, sir!

Need reinforcements!

Radio 1: Target is en route to the relay station.

Radio 2: Copy that. All squads fall back. Let him through. We'll deal with him.

Soldier 21: Target acquired!

On your left!

Move out!


Grenade out!

I'm hit.

Soldier 22: Keep him suppressed.

Can you see him?


Give me some cover fire! Cover me!

I'm hit! Fuck!

Soldier 23: Flush him out!

Shit, grenade!

Soldier 24: Shit!

Go, go! Move it!



Soldier 25: What? This way!

Soldier 24: Guns out and target down.

Copy. Moving up!

I'm in position.

Soldier 26: Enemy behind the door!

I'm hit!

Soldier 27: Can you see him?

Soldier 28: Take cover!

Fucking hit!

Soldier 29: Give me some cover fire!

Soldier 30: Affirmative!

Soldier 31: Enemy behind the door!

Soldier 30: I'm hit!

Soldier 31: Get down!

I'm hit!

Soldier 31: Need support in here now!

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