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F.E.A.R. 3 Fettel Walkthrough Part 25: Tower (1 of 4)

Check out part 2 of this F.E.A.R. 3 Fettel walkthrough and beat "Interval 05 - Tower" with this online demo.


Paxton Fettel: I could feel mother's anger. She hated him...what he had done to our family. Her time was coming. She would have her revenge. Our time, too, will erase the memories of his tortures.

Jin: Hold on a second!

Man: Attention! Execute general order 13. All Armacham personnel report to Port Authority Airport for immediate evacuation. EPA launch pods are online. Final transport departs in two hours.

Jin1: Earlier, I saw Armacham retrofitting their EPA launchers onto passenger transports--makes sense now. We need to hijack one if you we want a chance in hell getting to Becket in time. Judging from the tape I showed you, Armacham has Becket. They probably have him somewhere in Port Authority waiting to be shipped out like everyone else.

Help! Help me! Let go of me! I said let go of me!

Paxton Fettel: She's more trouble than she is worth you know.

Man 2: All call signs, be advised. We've got increased seismic activity in your area. Watch for sinkholes.

Man 3: Eyes up! Target's by the back!

Victim Three-Nine: Command, victim three-nine, what's the status on our evac?

Command: Victim three-nine, That's a negative on evac at this time. Continue holding position.

Victim Three-Nine: Copy that! Holding position!

Man 3: Got more coming in! Shit! Last mag! Keep up the fire!

Man 4: Enemy spotted! Up there! Shit, I'm out! Fuck, get to cover!

Man 5: November Eight Three Actual, we need some support now! I'm losing men out here!

Man 6: Target by the security barricade!

Man 7: Be advised! The target is armed! Say again, the target is armed. This one's not a local, sir.

Man 6: Target by the security barricade! Fuck, take cover!

Man 7: Copy that, sir! That's a negative!

Man 8: Fuck!

Man 6: I've been hit. Get Down! Get to cover. Find a crate. Need support in here, now! Got him! By the door! Shit! Shit! Shit!Taking cover behind the barricade! Target acquired!

Shit! Up there! Taking cover behind the barricade! Do you see him? Go on! Move in on him! Enemy sighted! Nine o'clock! Lock in!

Jin: Are you there? My "friends" here just had a run in with some Armacham grunts. I got away in the confusion. I'm en route to the tower. Meet me there!

Man 8: Oscar four-seven, be advised, you've got more of those crazies headed your way.

Oscar Four-Seven: Command wants us to hold here and make sure they don't overrun the evac site.

Man 8: Man, fuck these crackpots, have you looked at the fucking sky? It's cracking open for Christ sakes.

Oscar Four-Seven: You want to get out of here? Follow your fucking orders!

Man 8: We gotta fall back!

Pase Commander: This is the Phase Commander. Hostiles must not reach the evac teams at the base of the tower. You will retreat only when I give the order.

Paxton Fettel: In other words, Hold your ground or die.

Man 8: Holy Shit, I got him!

Man 9: Down! Down!

Man 10: Taking point!

Man 9: You at the tower, I'm in-. Need support Asap!

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