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F.E.A.R. 3 Fettel Walkthrough Part 32: Bridge (4 of 4)

Check out this F.E.A.R. 3 walkthrough and beat "Interval 06 - Bridge" with this online demo.


Man 1: Enemy sighted! On your right!

Up there!

Target acquired. [inaudible 002:51]

Man 2: Command, Whiskey Four Eight! Target is still active. Requesting Heavy Armor support!

Man 3: What was that?

That's it!

Man 4: Enemy spotted!

There's another one there!

Man 5: My whole fucking squad is wiped out.


Radio 1: All ground units, Enhanced Power Armor support is now on station. Roll in Armor package Yankee. Authorization George Uniform at time 1502 hours.

Radio 2: India Three Seven inbound. Clear the LZ.

Man 2: Move it! Set up the blocking positions! We got incoming!

Man 6: There by the door!

Man 7: Hurry! We're almost there!

Computer: Warning: mechanical systems damage critical. Performance compromised. Systems going offline.

Man 8: If this is part of your plan, then I'd say things are going quite swimmingly.

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