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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 2: Against All Odds

Check out part 3 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Sidonus: Captain Titus, come in. Damned Orks shot me off course. I've had no word from Leandros, but I'm picking up vox chatter from imperial Guard forces on the ground.

Captain Titus: I scarcely thought any would be left alive, much less still fighting.

Sidonus: Heading towards the front lines now.

Captain Titus: I will meet you there.

Ork 1: Kill them all.

Woman 1: Remain calm. Evacuate in an orderly fashion. Public disturbances will not be tolerated.

Access override. The Emperor be with you, space marine.

Ork 2:This way, boys.

Ork 3: I'm going to kill him too.

Ork 4: Kill them all!

Ork 5: Kill him!

The human's all alone. Shoot those humans.

Kill them all!

Ork 6: Get the boss!

Leandros: Captain!

Ork 7: Destroy them.

Kill the space marines!

Ork 7: Space marines!

Leandros: Here they come.

Ork 8: Come and get me, space marines!

Ork 9: This way! They've got no way out of there.

Ork 10: Space to kill.

Ork 11: Space marines, kill.

Ork 12: Shoot that son of a bitch!

Ork 13: Space marines, kill.

Ork 14: Again, shoot me again!

Captain Titus: Leandros! Are you wounded?

Leandros: The Codex Astartes warns against using jump packs to leap blindly into enemy fire--and for good reason.

Captain Titus: Your days as a novice are behind you. Why do you still interpret the Codex so narrowly?

Leandros: I look to its rules for guidance.

Captain Titus: We all do. But there are also benefits to thinking for yourself, Leandros.

Leandros: Enemy sighted!

We make for the defense canon, Captain?

Captain Titus: Sidonus picked up local Imperial Guard communications. They survived under the shadow of that gun. I want to know how.

Man 1: Keep firing! Keep firing!

Ork 15: More space marines to kill.

Kill them!

Kill everything in that bunker!

Leandros: [inaudible 00:05:37] are here. If there's anything good left, fight with us.

Ork 16: Finish the humans in that bunker.

Ork 17: Space marines, kill us!

Ork 18: More humans . . .

Ork 19: More humans to kill.

Man 2: My lord, you have saved us.

Captain Titus: Rise, guardsman. You saved yourselves. We thought you dead.

Man 2: We would be, my lord, if not for the Lieutenant.

Captain Titus: Where will we find this Lieutenant?

Man 2: At the front lines. Follow the trench network to the Lieutenant's command bunker.

Captain Titus: Carry on, guardsman. We rendezvous with Sidonus, then we find this Lieutenant. We need updated intel on the gun battery.

Man 3: Through here, my lords. Head out the upper level and continue through the plaza. The bunker is beyond that.

Captain Titus: Remarkable. A few hundred against a million Orks. And they fight on.

Man 4: What? No, get off.

Man 5: Only in death does duty end.

Man 6: My legs. I can't feel my legs.

Man 7: I got to see a space marine before the end. I've got a plan. What [inaudible 00:07:32]

Sidonus: Captain, I'm in position at the broken monument, near the Guard lines.

Woman 1: Quotas must be met despite alien incursion. Delinquency is an affront to the regime.

Leandros: There he is.

Captain Titus: Sergeant, I see you found something to keep you busy.

Sidonus: Worry not, Captain. I've saved some Orks for you.

The Orks have got that gun well defended, no mistake. But typical Ork behavior would be to dismantle or destroy the gun.

Captain Titus: And certainly not to use it to keep our forces at bay.

There's a strategy behind it. Their leader is no fool.

Sidonus: This day's getting interesting.

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