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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 3: Against All Odds

Check out part 4 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Captain Titus: I may have encountered the Ork during our jump to the surface.

Sidonus: That was the Ork ship I saw crash near here, I take it. Did he survive?

Captain Titus: If the horde hasn't turned on itself, it's still under his control.

Ork 1: Kill every last one of them!

Ork 2: Humans to kill!

Ork 3: Space marines!

Ork 4: Space marines!

Ork 5: Drop and kill them space marines!

Ork 4: Kill them space marines!

Ork 5: Kill him!

Ork 6: Space marines exploding at you.

Kill them space marines!

Ork 7: Shoot those humans!

Captain Titus: Target that squig.

Ork 8: Time to die.

Leandros: Look out! Drop ship.

Man 1: There's too many of them. They never stop.

Man 2: Space marines!

Stay put. Kill them all!

Leandros: It's our fight now.

Ork 9: Time to die!

Captain Titus: Drop ship incoming.

Man 2: Kill those bastards.

Captain Titus: Time for you to die!

Man 3: Space Marines, thank you! We thought we were done for.

Captain Titus: Where is your commander, Guardsman?

Man 3: Inside, but the door is sealed.

Captain Titus: I believe they will let us through.

Imperial Guard, we are Ultramarines. Open this door.

Man 4: Space Marines.

We're from the second ranking. Another horde of the Greenskins are headed here from the south.

Damn Gretchin stuck a knife and slit his throat two nights ago.

Man 5: [inaudible 00:06:01] sector 31 has completely burned out. No survivors.

Second Lieutenant Mira: Reinforce their position. Hold the line, and stay alive.

Man 6: Aye, lieutenant.

Second Lieutenant Mira: Thank the emperor. Second Lieutenant Mira, 203rd Cadian regiment.

Captain Titus: Captain Titus of the Ultramarines.

Sidonus: You are in command?

Second Lieutenant Mira: I'm all that's left, my lord, unless my commanders rise from the grave. So far, they seem content to stay put.

Man 7: Lieutenant, the scouts have returned to forward base.

Second Lieutenant Mira: How many?

Man 7: Two.

Second Lieutenant Mira: Damn. I sent out ten.

That damned gun. We don't have the numbers to make an assault. And as you might have seen, it's shooting down all out support vessels.

Captain Titus: That is why we are here. Leave the gun to us.

Second Lieutenant Mire: Come with me then. I should warn you, my lords, we've got a slight Ork problem down here.

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