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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 4: Against All Odds

Check out part 5 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Woman: Genetic scan complete. Adeptus Astartes. Access authorized.

Captain Titus: What do you know of the titans on this planet?

Second Lieutenant Mira: Only that some of our troops were sent to guard the Titan "Invictus" of Manufactum Ajakis. But that was two weeks ago, and we've lost contact with them.

Captain Titus: We need to reach that titan.

Second Lieutenant Mira: Your fastest route is across the rail bridge behind the gun complex. It leads directly to the western gates of the Manufactorium.

Man 1: Get me a field manual! Stuck on bloody Forge World and not a single tech priest in sight.

Digga! Digga!

Second Lieutenant Mira: Form a damn firing line!

Ork 1: Time to die, humans!

Ork 2: Kill them!

Ork 3: We just might kill you . . .

Man 2: Move, move, move! We need the damn medivacs!

Ork 4: Humans to kill!

Ork 5: Blast those space marines!

Ork 4: Kill the . . .

Ork 6: Humans!

Ork 7: More humans to kill!

Second Lieutenant Mira: Take that . . .

Defend the line! Use the turret!

Why isn't anyone on this weapon?

Captain, the turret!

Captain, use the turret!

Ork 8: Kill them all!

Second Lieutenant Mira: The Orks hold the trenches beyond the ruins and the battlements beyond that.

Captain Titus: And the gun battery?

Second Lieutenant Mira: The Orks took it almost as soon as we got here nearly two weeks ago. Our unit was the only one to make landfall before they gained control. Now none of our ships can get past the gun.

Woman: [inaudible 00:05:04] authorization confirmed. Access granted.

Second Lieutenant Mira: That's where the Orks breached the gun battery. We haven't been able to make it inside the wall. There just aren't enough of us.

Captain Titus: You have survived this long on your own, Lieutenant. You have done well. but you are no longer alone. We will retake the gun. You will get your reinforcements.

Second Lieutenant Mira: I'll hold you to that, Captain.

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