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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 10: TItans of Graia

Check out part 11 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Captain Titus: The Guardsman will get their supplies now.

Second Lieutenant Mira: Captain Titus, you are a man of your word, my lord, thank you.

Captain Titus: What is your situation, Lieutenant?

Second Lieutenant Mira: We're gathering our wounded and are heading to the Andris Habitation Block to establish an outpost. With the canon down, our support craft will land there.

Captain Titus: Very well. My battle brothers and I must secure any operational warlord-class Titans before the Orks can loot them.

Second Lieutenant Mira: Good luck.

Ork 1: Legates! Kill the space marines!

Ork 2: Space marines!

Speaker: Kill the space marines!

Sidonus: Now, that bridge is a testament to the mighty Imperium.

Leandros: The Adeptus Mechanicus are masterful architects.

Captain Titus: Their work outlived all of them.

Leandros: What in Gulliman's name is that?

Captain Titus: Nothing good.

Leandros: Did the lieutenant not say these tracks went to the complex housing the Titans?

Sidonus:That thing is a battering ram.

Ork 3: Run for it!

Ork 4: Run, space marines!

Ork 5: Space marines!

Crush the space marines!

Ork 6: Kill them!

Ork 7: Smash them space marines!

Ork 8: Space marines to kill!

Ork 9: Space marines!

Ork 10: Space marines!

Shoot those bastards!

Ork 11: Kill the space marines!

Captain Titus: Attack the joint!

Ork 12: Space marines, kill them! Come again, you space marine!

Leandros: Orks incoming!

Fight now!

It takes all of that to kill an Ork.

Ork 13: Humans to kill!

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