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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 14: Lair of Giants

Check out part 15 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 2 with this online demo.


Xenos: At last, a place the Orks have not stai.

Titus: For now. I doubt even dropping that cannon on them will convince Orks to back away.

Leandros: Indeed. We must find this Inquisitor and the Titan Invictus.

Woman: Be not concerned with events beyond these walls. Work, focus, meet your quota. Increased productivity gains high favor from the machine gods.

Leandros: Titan Invictus seems undamaged, at least.

Titus: Titan Invictus seems unused, you mean. Is this invasion not enough to bring out the war titans?

Leandros: It takes hundreds to get a War Titan operational, Sergeant.

Without them, it sits idle.

Xenos: Captain, this is an augur station. I can scan for the Inquisitor's life signs.

Machine: Access authorized.

Xenos: There. . .a lone human.

Machine: Identity confirmed. Drogan, Ordo Xenos.

Titus: He's in this wing of the manufactorum.

Xenos: I read alien signals throughout the facility. And a large number converging on the Inquisitor's location.

Machine: Section 449 is understocked by 100%. Please rectify.

Do not abandon your work station. Everything is under control.

Titus: Leandros, can you use this panel to contact our other forces?

Leandros: Not directly, but I can boost vox range.

Titus: Do it.

Machine: Access authorized. Ultramarines chapter.

Radio: Ready infestation [inaudible 00:03:31] vehicles.

Leandros: Here, Captain.

Titus: Ultramarines, this is Captain Titus. Are you receiving?

Midas: Captain. This is Sergeant Midas. Squad Solinus is on the ground and making for our objective.

Titus: New orders, Midas. We are at Manufactorium Ajakis, and have located the Titan "Invictus." I need Solinus to come secure the Invictus, while I divert to a priority alarm.

Midas: On our way, Captain. Midas out.

Leandros: The pipes. . .the Orks are in the pipes.

Inquisitor, order of Xenos.

Machine: Repeat authorization.

Leandros: Drogan, prepare the power source. Immediate release.

Machine: Repeat authorization.

Leandros: Full safety protocols acti--

Titus: Inquisitor Drogan?

Drogan: I am Drogan. And you are?

Titus: Captain Titus of the Ultramarines. We received your distress call, but you to seem have weathered the enemy's attack.

Drogan: I am soldier and scientist both, Captain.

Titus: What is the status of the experimental device?

Drogan: The Power Source? It's running the entire Manufactorum from the generator room.

Titus: This device is a fuel source, not a weapon?

Drogan: It is a complex device. . .and an unstable one. If the Orks find it, they'll try and take it apart. It could detonate with enough force to destroy the entire planet.

Titus: Then we must move it to safety.

Drogan: And for that, Captain, I need your aid. This way.

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