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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 18: Heart of Darkness

Check out part 19 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 2 with this online demo.


Computer: Adeptus Astartes recognized. Accessed authorized.

Ork 1: This way out, boys!

Ork 2: It's our fight now . . . space marines!

Ork 3: Crush the space marines!

Ork 4: Kill the space marines!

Ork 5: Crush the space marines!

Ork 6: Space . . .

Ork 7: Kill those humans!

Ork 8: This way out, boys!

Ork 9: This place is going to be your grave, you . . .

Ork 10: Shoot those humans!

Ork 11: Hey, space marines!

Captain Titus: Victory!

Ork 12: Kill them all!

Time to die!

Ork 13: Space . . . smash those space marines!

Leandros: Captain Titus!

Captain Titus: Well met, brothers! Any idea of our position?

Sidonus: We should be nearing an access point to the surface. The air smells a bit cleaner.

Captain Titus: I've had enough of tunnels. Let's get out of here and find the Inquisitor before the Orks do.

Ork 14: Kill the space marines! Smash those space marines!

Ork 15: Shoot those humans!

Ork 16: Again! Shoot me again!

Ork 17: Time to die, humans!

Space marines, kill them! Go for it!

Ork 18: Space marines!

Come and kill them space marines!

Ork 19: Shoot them!

Ork 20: Space marines to kill!

Sidonus: Another wave of Orks!

Leandros: More of them?

Ork 21: Kill the space marines!

Shoot them!

Ork 22: Kill the space . . .

Ork 23: Come and get me, space marines!

Ork 24: Space marines!

Ork 25: Come and get me, space marines!

Ork 26: Humans to kill! Shoot me again!

Ork 27: Time to die, humans!

Sidonus: Considerate of the green scum to open the way.

Leandros: At last, a way to the surface.

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