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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 21: Whispers of the Dead

Check out part 22 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 2 with this online demo.


Captain: Inquisitor Drogan, we need to get you off planet before we're overrun by Orks.

Drogan: We're exposed to the unshielded Power Source . . . In the generator room, I saw it! You held raw energy from the Warp. How are you still alive?

Man 1: The Power Source conducts warp energies?

Man 2: The stuff of Chaos! Heresy.

Drogan: My work against the Xenos has the Imperium's blessing.

Captain: Can your blessed work help us against the Orks?

Drogan: My research is of the utmost secrecy. The Imperium forbids its use without sanction

Captain: Consider that your Imperial sanction.

Drogan: Very well. The Power Source fuels an experimental weapon at my research facility, the Psychic Scourge. It could destroy the Orks.

Man 1: You didn't think to bring up this scourge weapon before?

Drogan: The Psychic Scourge has never been test-fired, Sergeant. If it malfunctions, it could crack this planet in half.

Captain: We are out of options. We fire the weapon and take our chances.

Drogan: The Psychic Scourge is at the Kalkys facility, my research laboratories. It is a fair distance. We will need transportation. Captain, we aren't far from the plaza where Lieutenant Mira was headed, the Imperial Guard rally point.

Captain: They will have Valkyries. We can fly to the research facility. Let's find this Imperial Guard outpost.

Man 2: Inquisitor Drogan is alive.

Man 3: I can't believe we survived that!

Captain: Inquisitor, your wound is slowing us down.

Drogan: I can manage.

Captain: Brothers, take him to the Valkyries. I will draw the Orks off and meet you there.

Drogan: Give the Power Source to the Sergeant, then, Captain.

Captain: No, Drogan. The Ork chieftain wanted the Power Source. When his Orks see I possess it, not you, they will follow me. Move out.

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