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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 25: The Weapon

Check out part 26 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 3 with this online demo.


Lieutenant Mira: Farewell, Captain. I must return to base. Those damned Ork fliers cost me too many good men and too many gunships. We'll be hard-pressed to defend the outpost.

Captain Titus: Thank you and good luck, Lieutenant.

Drogan: Where is it?

Captain Titus: The device is secure, Drogan.

Drogan: What are you waiting for then? Further delay is intolerable.

Captain Titus: Inquisitor, are you all right?

Inquisitor: Yes. Come, we've no time to waste. More of them!

Drogan: Dispatch them quickly! We must hurry! We must hurry!

Captain Titus: Inquisitor, can we get around the bulk of theses Orks?

Inquisitor: Yes, perhaps. My research produces minimal waste, so the facility's sluiceways should be accessible.

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