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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 27: House of Secrets

Check out part 28 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 3 with this online demo.


Man: What can we expect inside, Inquisitor?

Inquisitor: Oh, yes. Just a few defenses.

Companion: What comprises "a few," Inquisitor?

Inquisitor: Servo-turrets, mostly.

Companion: Set to eliminate Orks?

Inquisitor: Set to eliminate anything with the misfortune to move within their range.

Intercom: Lock down in effect.

Man: Sentry guns ahead!

Intercom: Authorization required to implement security protocols.

Man: Missile launcher!

Companion: No way to move quickly with these guns everywhere. We need to shut them all down.

Inquisitor: I can do that from the central security room.

Man: Then that is where we are headed.

Intercom: Lock down in effect. Authorization required to implement security protocols. Level 4 [inaudible 00:05:50]

Inquisitor: Ultramarines - The logic engine thinks we are escaped Xenos specimens. There is a control panel in the side room. Get me there and I can shut it down.

Intercom: Level 4... [inaudible 00:06:57] ...extermination protocol engaged.
Authorization recognized. Protocols suspended.

Inquisitor: The exit will open shortly, Captain. However, I'm afraid the servo turrets beyond this room remain primed.

Companion: What is kept in these containers?

Inquisitor: Specimens needed for my research.

Companion: Specimens, cages, operating theaters...This place reeks of Xenos filth.

Inquisitor: That is the business of the Inquisition, Ultramarines. This way, Ultramarines.

The firing core is still active. Excellent.

Companion: If this is the firing core, Inquisitor, does it discharge through the whole facility?

Inquisitor: No, not precisely. The core actually raises to the rooftop of the facility. That is where the rest of the firing array is located.

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