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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 35: Dying of the Light

Check out part 36 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 4 with this online demo.


[Fighting Noises]

Captain: Lieutenant Mira, the generators is at full power.

Mira: It's working - the sentry guns are back online!

Captain, your men are near an access point to the rail network. My Guardsmen will point the way.

Another gateway is close to your position.

Captain: My thanks, Lieutenant.

Here we are, my lord.

Carry on, Guardsmen.

Sidonus: Sidonus to Captain Titus.

We are running into Orks down here.

Nothing like above, though.

Just enough to be an annoyance.

We will be there soon.

Captain: Understood.

Grimskull: You think you can walk out of here with sparkly thing?

I'm Boss Grimskull!

This whole planet is mine!

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