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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 39: Waking the Sleeping Giant

Check out part 40 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 4 with this online demo.


Soldier: That elevator will get us to the mooring clamp controls.

Captain: I will take care of the clamps. You and Leandrus get the doors to the Manufactorum open.

Soldier: Understood, Captain.

Woman 1: You belong to the Machine God. You are on call in the glorious machine.

Captain: Enoch, I have Inquisitor Drogan's power source with me. We must use it to supercharge your weaponry.

Enoch: The power source? The rites involved in using it safely . . . Only the High Fabricator himself . . .

Captain: Unless we act now, an entire Chaos fleet will hang over your Forge World.

Enoch: Understood.

Woman 2: Weapon authorization confirmed, Ultramarines chapter. May the Emperor be with you, Space Marine.

Enoch: Mooring clamps released. Invictus powering up now.

Captain: My battle brothers will have the gates open shortly. Maneuver Invictus close to the topmost gantries. I am coming aboard.

Enoch: Yes, Captain.

Captain: Enoch, I have a target for you, the Orbital Spire.

Enoch: The spire? But Captain, it is a masterwork of the Machine God.

Captain: It is feeding energy into the Warp Gate above it. If we are to stop this invasion, the spire must fall.

Enoch: I understand.

Captain: Where must I bring the power source?

Enoch: Travel across the armature to the starboard side, Captain. I will open a maintenance apse for the volcano cannon.

Woman 2: Protocols suspended. Access authorized.

Enoch: The apse is below you, Captain. Leap down to the walkways around the volcano cannon, Captain.

Woman 2: Power source successfully integrated.

Captain: Target the Orbital Spire.

Enoch: Target acquired.

Woman 2: Firing now.

Captain: Omnissiah preserve us...

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