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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 40: Victory and Sacrifice

Check out part 41 of this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 4 with this online demo.


Man 1: That's done it, Titus. But Nemeroth and his daemon host still roam free.

Titus: Though he is trapped on this world.

Man 1: And all the more desperate to recover the power source. We must get it to safety, old friend.

Leandros: Good news on that front. Lieutenant Mira reports that the Liberation Fleet has entered the system. The inquisition will surely have sent agents with the fleet, Captain. Perhaps we can return the device to them...

Titus: The inquisition has already failed to stop its exploitation by Chaos. No one must use the device, Leandros, ever again. Contact Lieutenant Mira and have her divert a Valkyrie here to pick us up.

Man 1: Yes, Captain.

Leandros: I suppose putting a bolter round through that damnable power source is out of the question.

Titus: Too risky. We could open another Warp Gate for all we know. Upon our return to Macragge, I will confide it to the Chapter Master and his Librarians.

Leandros: And until then?

Titus: My most trusted brother will bring it to our Strike Cruiser and seal it in the armory.

Get this damned thing secured, Sergeant.

Leandros: As quickly as I can. And what will you be doing while I run this little errand?

Titus: There are still thousands of traitors and heretics on this world. I intend to drastically thin their ranks.

Man 1: Lieutenant Mira's Valkyrie is on its way, Captain.

Titus: Excellent. We make for the landing pad, and watch for the Chaos Lord's forces.

Man 4: There! Retrieve the Warp Device!

Titus: Sidonus! Get to the Landing Pad!

Sidonus: Aye, captain!

Sidonus: These traitors are determined. And this landing pad does not offer much cover.

Titus: Sidonus!

Man 2: At last!

Titus: No!

Man 2: Such a pretty bauble, hiding such immense power. This device is a gift from the Chaos gods. It holds the key to my evolution... to my ascension to immortal daemonhood. My armies will spill humanity's blood across the stars.

You continue to resist my touch... Only a deep connection to the Warp can explain this. Will you be joining us soon... brother?

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