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Warhammer 40K Space Marine Walkthrough Part 41: Victory and Sacrifice

Check out this walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Warhammer 40K Space Marine" and beat Chapter 4 with this online demo.


Leandros: I couldn't reach him in time.

Captain Titus: Sidonus died as we all should, in righteous battle. Do not give in to grief, Leandros. Turn your thoughts to vengeance. Nemeroth will pay in blood.

Soldier: Renegades!

Enemy 1: Kill them all. To the Slaughter!

Captain Titus: To the attack!

Soldier: Renegades! Chaos Forces! Renegades!

Enemy 2: Loyalists!

Mira: Mira here. Valkyrie on approach. Captain Titus, we're ready to transport you. The Sergeant!

Captain Titus: That Traitor Lord murdered him. Nemeroth killed Sidonus for the Power Source. You said the Inquisitor's work was heretical, Leandros. You were right.

Leandros: What do you mean?

Captain Titus: Nemeroth plans to use the Power Source to trigger his transformation into a daemon prince.

Leandros: Abomination!

Mira: How can we stand against such a creature?

Captain Titus: I will kill Nemeroth when he is most vulnerable, during the transformation. Safeguard Sidonus until the Apothecary arrives, then join the imperial attack.

Leandros: Going alone is suicide or worse. We know the enemy takes great interest in your connection to Chaos.

Captain Titus: Do you fear my falling to Chaos?

Leandros: Of course not. But whatever lies behind your resistance, it can only be to the enemy's favor.

Mira: Why? Perhaps this resistance can get you close enough for a killing blow.

Captain Titus: I will destroy Nemeroth with skill and steel, or die trying. If this resistance comes into play during battle, so be it.

Leandros: So be it.

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