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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 1

Check out part 2 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Cop: Well, I reckon you didn't do it then.

Lee: Why do you say that?

Cop: You know, I've driven a bunch of fellas down to this prison. Lord knows how many. Usually is about now I get the, "I didn't do it."

Lee: Every time?

Cop: Every time.

Dispatcher: We've got what looks like a 10-91E near Peachtree Exit of 285. All cars asked to keep on the lookout for 91V in the area.

Cop: I followed your case a little bit, you being a Macon boy and all.

Lee: You're from Macon then?

Cop: Yep. Came up to Atlanta to be a city cop in the seventies. Always wanted to work a murder case, like that senatorial mess you got yourself mixed up in, with all due respect. A real shame, that is. Hell, the whole family used to be regulars at your folks drugstore right in downtown. Still there?

Lee: Sure is.

Cop: Good.

Dispatcher: Be advised of medical personnel on route to Hartsfield, various 10's and 20's coming in.

Cop: I got a nephew up at UGA, you teach there long?

Lee: Going on my sixth year.

Cop: You meet your wife in Athens? You want to know how I see it?

Lee: Sure.

Cop: Regardless, could be you just married the wrong woman.

Dispatcher: Riot in progress. All officers are available for incoming 217's. Rolling calls and dispatches to all locations.

Cop: I'm driving this man once, he was the worst one. He wouldn't stop going on about how he didn't do it. He was an older fella. Big, soft eyes behind a pair of smart folk glasses, and he's just wailing back there saying, "It wasn't him." Crying and snotting all over, right where you're sitting.

Dispatcher: All officers are available for incoming 217.

Cop: Then before long he starts kicking the back of the seat. Like a fussy baby on an airplane. And I tell him he's got to stop, that's government property and I'll be forced to zap him otherwise. So he stops, and having exhausted all of his options, he starts crying out for his mama. "Mama, it's all a big mistake. It wasn't me."

Lee: So did he do it?

Cop: They caught the fucker red handed. Stabbing his wife, cutting her up as the boys came through the door. He sits in my car screaming bloody murder that it wasn't him. I think he actually believed it himself. It goes to show people will up and go mad when they believe their life is over. Oh, I got another good one for you. This one's a little bit less depressing and a bit more hilarious if I do say so. This other time ...

Lee: Watch out! Ow! Shit. Thirsty. Fuck, my leg. Hey! Hey officer! Are you all right? I'm still cuffed back here. Why the hell did he have his gun out? Officer! That doesn't look good. He wasn't ejected from the car. Maybe it was tossed from the car during the wreck? I need to drag myself out that window.

The officers shotgun is over there. Looks empty. It'll be easier to carry with these cuffs off. Officer? Shit. Officer? Ah! Holy shit! What in the hell? Get away from me! What the hell are you? Shit! Don't make me do this! Man, his skin's all rotten and he smells like shit. What the hell is this? Are you dead? Hey! Are you dead? Help! Go get someone! There's been a shooting!

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