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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 3

Check out part 4 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Lee: I'd fill one of those teacups with some bourbon if I could.

Chet: Ah man! I ain't never getting home to mama at this rate.

Shawn: This sucks.

Chet: It's hot dish night.

Lee: What's the matter?

Clementine: Should I stay?

Lee: What?

Clementine: I don't want to sleep in the treehouse tonight, but I don't know if I should leave. What if my parents come home?

Lee: I won't leave you alone.

Clementine: Let's go somewhere safe that's close, okay?

Lee: That's a good idea.

Hey man!

Shawn: Holy shit!

Chet: Don't eat us!

Lee: We're not going to hurt you.

Shawn: Phew! I thought for a second you and the little one were both going to give us the chomp.

Lee: Do you know what the hell this is?

Shawn: No idea. So you've seen them then?

Lee: You could say that.

Shawn: I'm Shawn, Shawn Greene.

Lee: Lee. This is Clementine.

Chet: I'm Chet.

Shawn: We shouldn't be out in the open like this. How about you help us clear the way? And we'll take you and your daughter out of here and down to my family's farm. It should be safer there.

Lee: I'm not her dad. I'm . . . her babysitter. Her parents are out of town.

Shawn: Let's get going. Staying put for too long is a mistake.

Lee: What do you want to do?

Clementine: I . . .

Chet: Them monsters coming! We got to go!

Shawn: Lee, quick! Let's go!

As babysitters go, I'd say her parents owe you a tip.

Chet: Hey, Shawn, I'm going to run on home. My mama's going to be in a snit.

Shawn: No sweat, man. I'll catch you tomorrow night.

Chet: It was nice to meet you both.

Hershel: Thank God, you're okay.

Shawn: I was worried it'd be bad here, too.

Hershel: Been quiet as usual the past couple days. Ol' Breckon down the way thinks his mare's gone lame, but that ain't nothing new.

Shawn: I wouldn't have made it back without Chet.

Hershel: Well, I'm glad you took him with you then.

You've brought a couple guests.

Lee: We need a place to stay.

Hershel: You're welcome to stay here, but just for the night. I don't run a bed and breakfast. So it's just you and your daughter then.

Shawn: Oh, not his daughter. He's the babysitter.

Hershel: Honey, do you know this man?

Clementine: Yes.

Hershel: Okay, then. Well, looks like you hurt your leg pretty bad there.

Lee: Yeah, it's not doing so good.

Hershel: I can help you out. Shawn, run on in and check on your sister. You, take a seat up on the porch, and I'll go see what I have.

Let's have a look. Yeah, this is swollen to hell.

Lee: It hurts like hell!

Hershel: I bet it does. What'd you say your name was?

Lee: It's Lee.

Hershel: Nice to meet you, Lee. I'm Hershel Greene.

How'd this happen?

Lee: Car accident.

Hershel: That so. Where were you headed before the car accident?

Lee: Nowhere. We hit a guy, one of those thing you've been hearing about, on the road.

Hershel: Who were you with, the girl?

Lee: Nobody.

Hershel: Is that so?

Lee: Yeah. It is.

Hershel: You said, "we," that's all. House is full up with mine. We've got another displaced family of three sleeping in the barn. You and your daughter are welcome to rest there when we're done here.

I didn't get your name, darling.

Clementine: Clem- Clementine.

Hershel: Can't imagine what you've been through, Clementine.

Lee: I'm looking after her until we find her parents.

Shawn: Hey, dad, so I'm thinking first thing tomorrow, we got to reinforce the fence around the farm.

Hershel: That doesn't seem necessary.

Shawn: I don't know what you saw on TV or heard on the radio. But there's some serious shit hitting the fan. I don't think anyone knows how big it is yet.

Lee: Your son's right. You're going to want to fortify this place.

Hershel: Stuff like that doesn't happen around here, Shawn.

Shawn: Dad, I'm serious. Lee, come on, tell him what you saw out there, man.

Lee: I got chased by a couple of dead people.

Hershel: Well, do what you think you should. We've got plenty of chores as it is.

Shawn: Lee and those folks in the barn can help out in the morning. We got to do it, really.

Hershel: I already said okay. Well, I'm all done here. It should start to feel better tomorrow.

Lee: Thanks.

Hershel: If your leg gets hot or the swelling doesn't go down, you're probably dealing with an infection.

Lee: What do we do then?

Hershel: We'll probably just have to shoot you.

We'll clean it, re-dress it, and you'll be fine.

Lee: Okay, that'd be preferable.

Hershel: There's blankets and such in the barn. We'll be seeing you bright and early. Come tomorrow, which way you think you're headed?

Lee: Towards Macon, I suppose.

All right then.

Clementine: It smells like . . .

Lee: I know what it smells like.

Clementine: . . . doo-dee.

I miss my mom and dad.

Lee: I bet, Clem.

Clementine: How far is Savannah?

Lee: Pretty far.

Clementine: Oh, okay.

Woman: I love you, baby.

Lee: Ah!

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