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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 4

Check out part 5 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Kenny: Hey, get up.

Clementine: I'm itchy.

Kenny: Well, you slept in a barn, little lady. Lucky you don't have spiders in your hair. But I bet your daddy scared them all away, huh?

Lee: I'm not her dad. Name's Lee.

Kenny: I'm Kenny.

Duck: Dad, we're going to build a fence. There's a tractor and everything.

Kenny: We better get going, or we won't hear the end of it. That's my boy, Ken Junior. We call him Duck, though.

Lee: Oh. Dodging or quacking?

Kenny: Quacking.

Duck: Dad!

Kenny: See? The word is, you were on your way to Macon.

Lee: My family is from there.

Kenny: Well, Macon's on the way and personally I'd appreciate the company of a guy who can knock a couple of heads together if he has to.

Lee: I'll see what the girl would like.

Kenny: Got to consult the missus. I understand. Honey, Duck, this is Lee. And what's the girl's name?

Lee: Clementine.

Kenny: Clementine.

Katjaa: That is a very pretty name.

Clementine: Thanks.

Shawn: Well, we should get to work. We've all seen what those things can do out there so the faster we get this fence up, the better.

Duck: I want to build a fence.

Shawn: Yeah? Well, I need a good foreman. You can set on the tractor and yell at me whenever I take a water break.

Duck: On the tractor? Cool .

Shawn: Duck and I will hop to it.

Katjaa: I can keep an eye on your little girl here on the porch. We can visit.

Lee: You having a nice time with Katjaa, Clementine?

Clementine: Yeah.

Lee: Hey there, girls. So what do you do when corpses aren't walking around?

Katjaa: I'm a veterinarian back in Ft Lauderdale, like Hershel here except more with dogs and cats and not horses. What is it that you do, Lee?

Lee: I used to teach up at the University of Georgia.

Katjaa: We need to hope that we can go back to our jobs soon, Lee. Back to normal. It can't stay like this.

Lee: Yeah, my mistake.

Katjaa: We'll all be home soon.

Lee: You two actually look relaxed.

Katjaa: I think we're doing just fine. Clementine was just telling me about first grade.

Lee: Oh.How's that?

Clementine: It's easy.

Lee: Well, yeah. So you're good?

Katjaa: Anyway, it's almost like we didn't see people eating each other for the past three days. It's peaceful here, no?

Lee: How did you handle getting through the city?

Katjaa: Kenny just drove. We passed so many people that needed help. And we just passed people, over some, just, just . . .

Lee: It's okay. It's fine. You don't have to say anymore.

Katjaa: I want to go home tomorrow. But even then I can't take away the things we, the things Duck, went through. Don't you want to go back to the moment before you knew about all of this?

Lee: Anybody in their right mind would. Families and barbecues and beers with good friends.

Katjaa: All of those things.

Lee: Those are the things we live for, right? With those gone, what's the point? Back in a bit.

Katjaa: Okay, Lee.

Kenny: It's not the most reliable pickup in the world, but it gets the job done.

Lee: Hey there, Kenny. How's your son doing?

Kenny: Good, I think. Katjaa's got a sister up in Memphis. We were coming back from visiting her. We were in a gas station and some guy grabbed my boy. I thought he was kidnapping him. I was on the fucker in about two seconds and, Christ. Just lucky I was there. We saw a lot of bodies before we stumbled upon Hershel's. But we're tough family, Lee. Ain't nothing going to faze us.

Lee: Need any help?

Kenny: No, I think I got it. Do you need any help?

Lee: What do you mean?

Kenny: I mean, in taking care of that little girl. You know what you're doing? You got kids of your own? Well, whether you do or not, she's a sweetheart. We saw some crazy ship getting here. That kind of stuff might mess up a little angel like that.

Lee: So what's your family's plan?

Kenny: Get back on down to Lauderdale and let this mess get sorted out. Government will start handing out shots and the National Guard will do its thing. On the odd chance things got too bad we could hop on my boat, I guess.

Lee: You've got a boat.

Kenny: I'm a commercial fisherman, catching mackerel, dolphin, whatever is biting and paying. Katjaa wouldn't be wild about it, but the boats not that bad.

Lee: See you. Seems like those two are getting along. Do you think this thing will keep them out?

Shawn: Not yet. I'm planning on coming back through on a fortification pass, if you will. We'll lock this place up good. You know how to drive it?

Lee: I sure don't. I can give you a hell of a critique of the U.S. Farm Bill.

Shawn: I'm good.

Lee: How you doing, Duck?

Duck: Good. I'm going to drive the tractor. I'm the foreman. Lift with your back, Shawn.

Kenny: It's actually a piece of shit, but hauls all right.

Lee: Do you have to go to the bathroom or anything like that?

Katjaa: Lee, the young woman can take care of herself.

Lee: Yeah, okay. Hey, back in a bit.

Katjaa: Okay, Lee.

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