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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 5

Check out part 6 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Shawn: Hey, Lee.

Lee: Need a hand?

Shawn: That'd be great. If you could cut those two-bys to length, that'd sure speed things up. My dad doesn't know how bad it is.

Lee: No, he doesn't.

Shawn: I saw a guy in Atlanta kill a kid. A boy. Just shot him right in the face.

Lee: Was the boy one of the walkers?

Shawn: I don't even know. He was either attacking the guy or asking for help. He didn't even hesitate. He just turned, put the barrel of the gun right between this kid's eyes and pulled the trigger. You don't see things like that. It's not like in the movies.

Lee: They don't fall like you think.

Shawn: Did you have to do it?

Lee: Do what?

Shawn: Kill. Have you had to off one yet?

Lee: Oh, uh . . . I bashed a poor girl's brains in.

Shawn: Whoa, I couldn't do that. I'm just glad we're getting this fence built. Dad just wants to keep the family safe and thinks inviting people in is a bigger threat than whatever's out here. How about yours? How's your family?

Lee: I'm not too close with my family.

Shawn: Oh. Well, they weren't in Atlanta, right? So that's good. That's probably all I need cut for now. Thanks.

Lee: And Shawn, thanks again for the ride.

Shawn: No problem, Lee. Couldn't leave you behind. Anyway, when you see my dad around, he might want some help in the barn.

Hershel: You should know that if you weren't leaving with Kenny today, I wouldn't stand for your lack of honesty last night.

Lee: I'm not sure I follow.

Hershel: I ain't dumb. I caught you in that lie last night. About who you were with in that car. And honestly, I don't even want to know. How'd you get out of Atlanta?

Lee: I was on my way out anyway. Timing of all this just happened to be right.

Hershel: If there ever is a good time for the supposed "apocalypse."

Lee: This farm's a nice plot of land.

Hershel: Had you told me 20 years ago I'd still be doing this, I would have told you that you were full of crap. Never was the plan, having a place like this. It was in the family, and I guess so was I. Family's important. It's all that matters. You agree with that?

Lee: Was brought up to, yes.

Hershel: Where's your family now? Parents? Wife? Girlfriend?

Lee: My parents are in Macon, with my brother.

Hershel: Well, I hope they're all right. But now, you've got this little girl to take care of. Clementine, is it? You just stumbled up-on her?

Lee: I was being attacked and she came to my rescue.

Hershel: Hmmph. Can I give you a piece of advice?

Lee: Sure.

Hershel: I don't know who you are or what you did. But you better become a better liar, and fast. Let's say things don't get better back in the cities. Or they get worse before they do. You're going to have to depend on the honesty of strangers if you're going to make it. And if those same people get to questioning yours, you're going to be in trouble. So, whoever you are and whatever you did, keep it to your damn self. But at least you have the common sense to listen to a man giving you advice.

Lee: What the?!--

Hershel: GO! I'll get my gun.

Shawn: My leg is stuck!

Man: I got you!

Shawn: They're almost through!

Man: Now Shawn!


Hershel: Get out. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

Man: I'm sorry.

Hershel: SORRY? Your son is alive. You don't get to be sorry. And YOU. You didn't even try to help.

Lee: I thought I could help them both.

Hershel: Look at him. You thought wrong. And now . . . Please, just go. Get out and never come back.

Man: You've got that ride to Macon, if you want it.

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